How to increase the range of a Wi-Fi network using additional devices?

by jes springfield (07.08.2020)

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How to increase the range of a Wi-Fi network using additional devices?

1Installing a repeater, or setting up a second router in amplifier mode.  Of all the recommendations that you will see here, or even find on the Internet, this method is the most effective and reliable. True, you will have to spend money on a repeater.

A repeater (repeater) is a small device that needs to be installed in the place where your Wi-Fi signal is still there, but it is no longer very strong. And the repeater will simply expand your main network, that is, "transmit" it further. I wrote about these devices in detail in the article: what is a Wi-Fi repeater (repeater), how does it work, and what does a router mean in repeater mode?

Ordinary routers can act as a repeater. Here are the instructions for setting up the ZyXEL and Asus routers in repeater mode:

  • Setting up Zyxel Keenetic in repeater mode (amplifier). We use a Zyxel router to expand the Wi-Fi network
  • Setting up an Asus router as a repeater (Wi-Fi network repeater mode)

If your Wi-Fi does not "finish off" in some rooms, then installing a repeater will solve this problem. And if you have a house with several floors, then you can install a router on the first floor, and a repeater on the second. Excellent and working circuit.

2Changing the antennas of the router to more powerful ones.  If your router has removable antennas, then you can buy more powerful ones, and thereby slightly increase the coverage of your network. Why a little? Yes, because replacing antennas usually does not give a very good result. It is there, but not such that it would increase the radius by several rooms. In any case, you have to spend money on antennas. And it seems to me that it is much better to spend this money on a repeater. Yes, it will cost more, but its benefits are much greater.

Poor Wi-Fi signal: changing router antennas

If you decide to change antennas, then take powerful ones with a gain of 8 dBi. But, they are expensive, and several of these antennas will cost as a repeater.

I already wrote an article on installing and testing Superboost Wifi, you can see the results.

3Purchase of a new router, transition to 5 GHz. You can buy a more powerful, expensive router. Better yet, a router with 5 GHz support. What is the advantage of the 5 GHz band? It is practically free, now most of all networks and other devices operate in the 2.4 GHz range. Less interference means more speed and more stable network performance.

There are places where the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network practically does not work. All the time it bugs, the connection is lost, low speed, etc. And all because there are a lot of different networks. In such cases, the transition to 5 GHz solves all problems.

But the network coverage in the 5 GHz range will be less compared to the 2.4 GHz range. Such a feature of the 5 GHz frequency.


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