Can you eat shrimp when pregnant

by Erkan Aydogan (24.03.2020)

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Prospective mothers wonder what they should not eat during their pregnancy and which foods will harm the baby. Especially seafood is quite confusing. So, what seafood should the expectant mother stay away from during her pregnancy? Can you eat shrimp when pregnant?

Can you eat shrimp when pregnant? safe?

Since raw seafood contains some parasites that can damage the digestive system, eating raw shrimp during pregnancy may pose a risk of food poisoning. Raw shrimp are definitely not recommended. However, if you are sure that the shrimps you buy are fresh, they can be eaten rarely, provided that they are cooked by taking the advice of your doctor.

Is mussels harmful in pregnancy?

Experts say that mussels and oysters are especially harmful for pregnant women, and it can cause food poisoning during pregnancy. That's why pregnant women are definitely asked to stay away from mussels and oysters.

Can you eat sushi during pregnancy?

Is sushi eaten during pregnancy?

Undercooked or raw meat should never be eaten during pregnancy. Therefore, raw fish as well as sushi should not be consumed as well as raw meat.

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