Download Instagram Stories Anonymously

by IG Stories Ali (19.01.2022)

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So someone asked me how to do this recently

and I'm not really sure why you might wanna do this?

Maybe you guys could tell me.

why this is something you wanna do.

But, regardless, I did find it fascinating

that you can actually do this.

And by this, I mean download other people's

Instagram stories, directly to your phone,

really easily, actually.

So, to do this, there are two different apps,

one for Android and one for IOS.

So first, let's start with IOS.

So you're gonna head to the app store and search

for and install IG Live, it's a free app, by the way.

Once downloaded, type into the search bar

the user name that you want to check out.

You'll then be shown all of their available story posts

and whether it's a video or a photo,

whether it has captions on it, et cetera.

You can then tap on the one you wanna save

and then tap the save button to download it to your phone.

After that, you'll then just find it in your camera roll,

along with your other photos.

Now for Android, there's an app that pretty much

does the exact same thing, but it's called Story Saver.

So, we're gonna head to the Play Store,

search for and download Story Saver.

Then open it and log in with your Instagram account.

Once you log in, it'll actually

show you a list of stories from the people that you follow.

But you can also tap the search icon

at the top right to find other people as well.

Tap the person you want to download stories from,

then tap the story image or video and tap save.

You'll find the downloaded photo in the Story Saver folder,

when you're looking at your photos.

And there you go, quick way to save other people's

Instagram stories to your phone, should you want to do so.

I hope that helped some people out.

But, If You want to do the Same Practice in PC or Desktop You just need to type Igstories on your Browser.

Open the First link and than follow the Above Process.

This will make you to download the Instagram Stories of any of the user available on Instagram.


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