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by youtube premium (10.11.2021)

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In addition to that, the YouTube Premium apk also gives you access to a number of other interesting features. One of those features is the "YouTube background" feature. The background automatically plays on your device when you open the YouTube app. You can change the background by installing the YouTube HD Texture and Background pack, which will automatically switch the YouTube video background over when you open the youtube app.


The YouTube HD Texture and Background Pack also helps you to manage all of your profiles. Now you can create a custom profile with all of the features available from the YouTube Premium Account Manager. There are a lot of settings and options available for you to tweak, allowing you to customize your YouTube experience to the way that you want it. You can even choose whether or not to show popular videos as your homepage. No more annoying pop-up ads for the newest videos on your home page! With the YouTube Premium Apk you have control.


The last feature I am going to talk about with the YouTube Premium Apk is one that most people like and that is the ability to download videos to your desktop. A lot of people prefer to use their smartphones or tablets to watch videos, but if you do not want to carry around a laptop or mobile device for your entertainment needs then the YouTube Premium Apk is for you. All of the video players included with the program also support downloading to your desktop, so if you are looking for an awesome feature that will allow you to save time while watching your favorite videos then this software is for you.

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