Linear actuator remote control

by rf remote (25.04.2018)

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Linear actuator, also called as electric push rod, electric cylinder and linear actuator. The electric push rod is an electric drive device that converts the rotational motion of the motor into a linear reciprocating motion of the push rod. It can be used in a variety of simple or complex process flows to perform mechanical operations to achieve long-distance control, centralized control, or automatic control.


Linear actuator can be widely used in medical, furniture, wireless remote control home equipment, electronics, electricity, machinery, metallurgy, transportation, mining, petroleum, chemical, lifting, transportation, construction, food and feed processing industries, with energy saving and environmental protection, reliable performance, action sensitive, stable operation, the same pushing and pulling force, and good environmental adaptability. The new design is exquisite, small in size, high in precision, completely synchronized, with good self-locking performance, hygienic, direct motor drive, and widely used in various industries such as production lines, automobiles, ventilation window opening, military industry, stage, textile, sewage treatment and other industries.


Its working principle is that after the rf remote motor is decelerated by a gear, it drives a pair of screw nuts. The motor's rotary motion is changed to linear motion, and the linear actuator is completed by using the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. For example, various mechanisms such as turning, shaking, etc. can be performed by various levers, rockers, or connecting rods. By changing the length of the lever arm, it is possible to increase or increase the stroke.

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