TressAnew - What should I stop eating to lose weight?

by sherly sylvia (12.08.2021)

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Body fat plays a fundamental role for the body, since it acts as a thermal insulator and as the main energy reserve for it. However, the amount and place that fat occupies are key to determining whether or not it alters health. In the case of fat in the abdomen, it is not only an annoying aesthetic factor, but it is also a true indicator of health risk. Read on to understand how this fat accumulation mechanism works in this part of the body in order to eliminate it.

Not all fats in the body are the same

Structural grease. It is the structural fat that fills the gaps between various organs. Structural fat also performs important functions, such as being a seat in soft, elastic tissue, protecting the coronary arteries, and keeping skin soft and smooth.

Essential fat. This type of fat is the reserve of essential fat, it is a fuel used when the body faces immediate dietary deficiencies, such as regular low-calorie diets. These reserves, which are normal, are found throughout the body.

Both structural and essential fat are normal, and even if the body stores them at capacity, this can never be called obesity.

Abdominal fat. The third type of fat, belly or belly fat, is not normal fat and is not essential.

When this fat accumulates, it creates the dreaded belly fat. This fat is also a potential fuel store, but unlike normal stores, it is not accessible to the body when there is a nutritional emergency or during most diet programs. This third type of fat is the causative factor in the health problems associated with belly fat.

It is difficult to eliminate and adds to promoting fat stores in the body due to its ability to slow down the metabolic rate.

Why we accumulate fat in the abdomen and how to reduce it

It is known that the fat located in the abdomen is metabolically more dangerous to health than that located in the hips, as is the case in most women.

So, to reverse that annoying belly and take care of our health, we must know what are the reasons why abdominal fat accumulates and thus, we can know how to reduce it.

Factors that accumulate fat in the abdomen

The factors that give rise to abdominal fat can be many, and among them are factors such as:

  • bad and / or wrong diet
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • stress
  • endocrine system and its hormones
  • the genes
  • age
  • particular conditions
  • you don't have good quality sleep

Tips to reduce fat in the abdomen

As not all possible causes can be reversed by us, we will emphasize those factors that we can modify to reduce abdominal fat with the following tips:

  1. Hydration. Do not forget to hydrate properly, as this will prevent fluid retention.
  2. Eat a diet free of saturated fats, simple sugars and excessive calories, as well as try to stay away from copious and abundant meals.
  3. Perform aerobic exercises properly combined with strength training, since the first will allow a greater caloric expenditure, while the second will strengthen your muscles, improve your posture and increase your basal metabolism.
  4. Get enough rest and take time for yourself. That will help you relieve stress and the hormones will improve your outlook regarding the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.
  5. Do not lose sight of your body position, remember that sitting poorly with a curved spine favors less development of the abdominal muscles and the accumulation of fat will be greater.
  6. Do not cause a severe caloric restriction, as this can slow down your metabolism and thus the caloric expenditure will be lower, therefore, the fat burning process will take longer.
  7. Eat more protein. One of the essential macronutrients to lose fat is protein. It will help you lose fat and weight and in addition, it will also help you avoid gaining the weight again if you ever decide to abandon your efforts to lose weight.

Increase your consumption of protein-rich foods such as whole eggs, fish, shellfish, legumes, nuts, meat, dairy products, and some whole grains.

Finally, do not forget that our lifestyle can beat the genes and if you really take care of your health, the healthy body will look totally beautiful.

Taking care of our health should be the main reason that moves us to modify our lifestyle to progressively decrease the fat parked in the abdominal area.

With a healthy and active life, you will not only reduce your belly, but you will also gain health by preventing cardiovascular, liver and metabolic diseases.

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