Blood Sugar Defense-The kilos that you are going to gain in quarantine and tricks to stop the "from lost to the river"

by fiona basil (22.03.2021)

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We are all in 'carpe diem' mode because we see that confinement is going for a long time, but this is a huge trap, since then it will cost us much more to lose weight. You can get fat, but just enough. We give you valuable tips

Right now, most of us are in "lost to the river" mode when it comes to food. Because of the coronavirus crisis, we find ourselves confined to home, and as we go for a long time we are letting ourselves be carried away by gluttony and whims,

If we let ourselves be carried away by the 'carpe diem' we will not only be fatter when all this is over (which it will), but also later it will cost us a lot to lose weight because we have already got into the habit of eating whatever we want.

So while you can indulge yourself, you shouldn't give up entirely, reader.

The kilos that you are going to gain with quarantine

The quarantine we are experiencing is like a double Christmas: it is cold, we are at home and we tend to give ourselves more gastronomic tastes because we have changed our habits.

The Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) warns that Spaniards tend to gain between two and four kilos during Christmas due to excessive calorie consumption. So in this quarantine we can safely say that most of us will end up with 4-8 extra kilos, unless, of course, we remedy it.

Tricks to not end up with too much weight after confinement

There are different tricks that we do not usually apply and in the end we have what we harvested: a few extra kilos on the eve of good weather, when clothes reveal more of our figure.

Therefore, reader, it is very important that you record what we are going to tell you next by fire and that you apply it every day of the quarantine. Attentive:

1) A day is NOT a day

If you wake up with the mentality of "well, one day is a day" or "already lost to the river" you will ingest uncontrollably throughout the day. Worst? That will whet your appetite and you will end this lazy dynamic for months.

Ideally, you sit at the table being aware of each food or substitute that you put in your mouth. You don't have to stress or deprive yourself too much, but you do have to have some control.

2) Eat everything, but little

In addition to being aware and not getting carried away by laziness, his thing is to eat everything but little. That is, you do not have to constrain yourself. The other way around, since if you feel like you can't eat up to a limit, you will get anxiety and you will end up eating more. It is about taking a little here and a little there, avoiding carbohydrates above all.

3) Say yes to fish or meat

Proteins, as we have always told you, are good because they fill you up and speed up your metabolism. Be careful, watch the portions: it is not the same to eat a whole lamb than a chicken fillet.

4) To drink: water or wine

Without the intention of inciting alcoholism, far from it, we must recognize that quarantine is best done with alcohol in the body. Although wine does not have many calories (each glass is about 75 kcal), it does whet our appetite and makes us eat more (in addition, all of us here here know that when you already have a few glasses of wine, you should eat something). Therefore, reader, it is good that if you want to drink, you have a couple of glasses, although the best, without a doubt, is to drink water, as you well know.

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5) If you have a lot of sweet cravings

If you cannot do without sweets or the anxiety of being locked up at home has whet your appetite for this type of 'food, you can opt for fruit at any time of the day and if it is chocolate or substitutes, eat it for breakfast. Yes, the calories will be the same, but if you eat it in the morning you will have a much greater chance of burning it (and therefore not turning it into fat) when the day is over.

At dinners better say no to any sweet.

6) It is best to compensate

The balance is the trick. If you have given yourself a tribute in food, compensate at dinner with a light dish and 'light' (vegetables, fish ...). It is not a matter of walking these days with the calorimeter on, but being aware that in the end you will gain one kilo if you have 7,000 more kcal accumulated in the body.

It is drawer: if you usually eat 2,000 calories and on day 'X' you have gotten 5,000, the following days try to eat 1,300 and that's it.

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7) Try to move something

It is important that you move something, not only to lose weight, but to not go crazy. You can try easy exercises at home, like the ones we tell you about here, or follow a burst-based trick.

A research published in the journal Physiological Reports showed that people who conducted five 30 - second bursts of high - impact exercise followed four minutes of rest, they burned 200 extra calories per day. That is, you only need to do 2.5 minutes of exercise to speed up your metabolism.

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