A collection of virtual event ideas that are in great demand during a pandemic

by Ficri Boy (09.03.2021)

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Usually do offline events, then have to change course so make virtual events? Virtual events are in great demand this year. Not only because of pandemic conditions that require event creators to adapt, but also because virtual events have their own advantages.

Starting from reaching a larger audience, reducing event costs because you don't need to rent an event, to making virtual event technical planning shorter.

For those of you who are looking for virtual event ideas, let's see the summary of ideas from Loket.com below!

Virtual Tour

To treat people's longing for vacations, virtual tours are an interesting idea to make. The key to a virtual tour is fun speakers and quality pictures and videos. Not only high resolution, virtual tour images and videos must be able to make participants feel as if they really are there.

Virtual concert

A must-have event for music lovers. This virtual event is in great demand by various parties. Not only the audience who can't wait to watch their idol musicians, the musicians can't wait to perform and sing songs for their fans. Virtual concert competition is quite tight, so you have to be creative to think of a unique concept.

Virtual Launch

Where is the best product launch today? You don't need a venue, because everything is turned virtual. Even though it is virtual, professionalism in making the launch is still needed. Prepare carefully the event fillers, event background, sound, picture & video quality, as well as the arrangement of the event.


Webinar is one of the favorite virtual events this year. There are many webinar series that are growing rapidly and become a mainstay for participants who want to improve their skills. For example, BINAR Insight, Glints Expert Class, Campuspedia, and many more. Most of the webinars that are of interest to the participants are webinars that present speakers from among experts whose work / work has been recognized by many people.

Online Wedding

At a time of a pandemic like today, maybe a wedding that is held can only be attended by families, then what if our friends want to attend the wedding online ceremony. The solution is to hold an online marriage ceremony directly via the internet.

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