Bathmate Pump Offers Tests and Results - Worth a Try

by John Conac (23.11.2021)

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You may be learning how to enlarge your penis, which means you are looking for information on Bathmate. You have probably heard of the Hydromax penis pump and want to know how it works.

The first thing to know is that the Hydromax pump is very safe to use because it has been previously tested by Aspen Research to be free of skin-damaging ingredients. Just use regularly 15 minutes a day for 3 months for the best results.

Hydromax Bathmate offers a feeling of security and wearing comfort, the addition of padding provides supersoft comfort by providing a firmer and more comfortable seal on the body, and a sturdy inner tube provides strong and long-lasting protection around your penis.
Here is a full explanation for those who are still confused about choosing the right Hydromax pump for their erect penis size.

1. With less than 5 inches you must use the hydromax5
2. Above 5-7 inches you should use hydromax7, 3. Hydromax7 Wide Boy, HydroXtreme7
3. 7 to 9 inches and above should use Hydromax9 or HydroXtreme9
4. Above 9 inches, you must use HydroXtreme11

Now the bathmate pump comes with the latest generation with 45% more pump power, Hydromax pumps are divided into 3 types and colors.

Hydro7 red, clear, blue
Hydromax series red, transparent, blue (Hydromax5, Hydromax7, Hydromax Wide Boy, hydromax9)
HydroXtreme Clear Series (HydroXtreme5, HydroXtreme7, HydroXtreme9, HydroXtreme11)

Hydromax produces results in just a few weeks and its impressive style has managed to become a favorite among men who buy a larger and longer penis. To buy this pump you can visit, get all the power by having a longer and thicker penis size.

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