FX Vital Immune Defense Supplement

by Lyla Zarella (20.05.2020)

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The authors do not feel that people would intentionally FX Vital Immune Defense Supplement Review infect themselves but do not consider the tremendous incentive that employment would present. Individuals would have to make the choice or getting infected and then being able to work or losing their job. The consequences of forcing this choice are disastrous at best. Finally, the authors never consider some emerging immunity algorithms which propose that other immune mechanisms as well as haplotype play a huge roll in disease susceptibility and lethality. Until these issues are fully understood it would be unwise to pursue any licensing since the most immune and least susceptible individuals may actually be those with antibodies. In a society where leaders are often too desperate to reach for and then publicize solutions it is critical that science unequivocally state that this type of licensing while not unethical is potentially the most disastrous and divisive option and that implementation requires overcoming a host of very significant obstacles the list or which exceeds what this article presents. We appreciate that the article was examining ethics but feel it is important for this journal and the AMA to state that firmly that even if ethically sound - this policy is scientifically, medically, and socially disastrously flawed.

What Is The Dosage Of The FX Vital Immune Defense Supplement?

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