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Objective: Research purpose was to study phagocytic activity and a oxygen depended metabolism of blood neutrophils (NF) at patients with a renal cell carcinoma in dynamics — before operation and after surgical treatment. Methods: Patients with a locally invasive renal cell carcinoma (T3N0M0) were put under observation before surgical treatment (n =84) and in 10 days after a radical nephrectomy (n =54) at the age of 45–55 years. The 56 conditionally healthy donors combine into the control group. Indicators of functional activity, the spontaneous and induced lyuminol- and lyutsigenindependent chemiluminescence (CHL) NF of peripheral blood was studied. Results: During the period before operation time of an exit to a maximum of spontaneous and stimulated lyuminol-dependent HL is slowed down (p <0.004 and p <0.006 respectively); indicators of the area of lyutsigenin-dependent HL NF of blood concerning indicators of control group are increased (p <0.001 for spontaneous, p <0.004 for the reaction induced by lyutsigenin). In 10 days after surgical treatment the quantity of active ingestion rate lowered (p <0.017 in the test with S. epidermidis, p <0.036 for test with latex); time of an exit to a maximum of spontaneous and stimulated lyuminol-dependent remains increased (p <0.006 and p <0.008 respectively) in comparison with indicators of healthy donors. The amount of an index of activation of lyuminol-dependent as in comparison with control (p <0.037), and relative to the period before operation increases (p <0.048). The area of spontaneous lyutsigenin-dependent HL NF of blood relative to indicators of control group is still increased (p <0.011), decrease in this parameter in comparison with amount of group before operation is however registered (p <0.004). Conclusion: At patients with renal cell carcinoma in 10 days after surgical treatment of NF of blood are characterized by the strengthened production of high-energy oxidizers and the reduced phagocytic activity that testifies to a functional and metabolic imbalance.


About the authors

L. M. Kurtasova

V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.
доктор медицинских наук, профессор кафедры клинической иммунологии КрасГМУ им. В.Ф. Войно-Ясенецкого Адрес: 660022, Красноярск, ул. Партизана Железняка, д. 1, тел.: +7 (391) 222-06-28 Russian Federation

E. A. Shkapova

A.I. Kryzhanivskiy Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Oncological Centre, Russian Federation

кандидат биологических наук, биолог клинико-диагностической лаборатории КККОД им. А.И. Крыжановского Адрес: 660133, Красноярск, ул. Смоленская, д. 16, тел.: +7 (391) 267-17-15 Russian Federation

R. A. Zukov

V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, Russian Federation

кандидат медицинских наук, доцент кафедры онкологии и лучевой диагностики с курсом ПО КрасГМУ им. В.Ф. Войно-Ясенецкого Адрес: 660022, Красноярск, ул. Партизана Железняка, д. 1, тел.: +7 (391) 251-93-16 Russian Federation


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