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Main reasons of eyesight deterioration in diabetic patients are diabetic retinopathy (DR) and diabetic macular oedema (DMO). International multicenter studies have shown that retinal laser coagulation in the event of DMO decreases the risk of eyesight loss in 50% , though only in 16% patients it was also possible to improve their eyesight. Use of vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitor – Ranibizumab – have opened a new era in DMA treatment. It’s efficacy and safety have been proven in several international studies. This article contains our own data upon the use of Lucentis in patients with DMO. Intravitreal Lucentis injections and subsequent retinal lasercoagulation in the macular zone were performed on 43 eyes; follow up period – 6 months. Additional injections were required in 19 cases, average amount of injections – 1,4. Mean corrected visual acuity before the treatment was 0,37±0,06, after7 days, 1, 3 and 6 months - respectively 0,41±0,06, 0,49±0,06, 0,51±0,07 and 0,52±0,07 (р<0,05). Mean retina thickness in central zone was 428±25 mkm before treatment, 391±24 mkm 7 days after the last injection 349±23, 313±21 and 308±20mkm (р<0,05) after 1, 3 and 6 months. In addition to that Lucentis use in preoperative period in patients with non-complicated proliferative DR allowed to decrease the risk of hemorrhagic complications. Thereby, intravitreal injections of Lucentis improve functional result of treatment of patients with DMO, increase efficacy and safety of surgical interventions in patients with complicated forms of proliferating DR.

About the authors

V. V. Neroev

FSBI Helmholtz Moscow Scientific-research institute of eye diseases

Author for correspondence.
профессор, доктор медицинских наук, директор ФГБУ «Московский НИИ глазных болезней им. Гельмгольца» Минздравсоцразвития России, главный внештатный специалист-офтальмолог Минздравсоцразвития России Адрес: 105062, Москва, ул. Садовая-Черногрязская, 14/19 Тел.: (495) 607-73-31 Russian Federation


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