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According to the WHO and the UN definitions, diabetes mellitus is a non-infectious disease that has an epidemic spread rate, this has led to the UN 2006 resolution against diabetes mellitus. A special diabetologic service has been established in Russia which includes Federal and regional diabetes centres, endocrinologic clinics, equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment for diabetes and its vascular complications handling. Planning of diabetologic service functioning is based on State diabetes mellitus register data, according to which nowadays in Russia 3 268 871  patients have been registered. This article contains data from control-and-epidemiological studies from various regions of Russia which have shown real spread of the disease. This article also contains information about innovative technologies of treatment of diabetes mellitus and its complications, international and national foreground studies, as well as discussion of diabetologic service development perspectives.

About the authors

I. I. Dedov

Scientific centre of endocrinology Ministry of Healthcare and Social development of Russia, Moscow

Author for correspondence.
Email: dedov@endocrincentr.ru
academician of the RAS and RAMS, President of the  RAMS, Director of the "Endocrinology Research Center" of Health Ministry of Russia Russian Federation


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