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The article represents the results of neurocognitive development study in progress. Clinical methods of investigation are supplemented with examination of children with Russian computer psychophysiological complex “Psichomat”, which allows to examine a number of cognitive functions — perception, attention, memory, visual-motor coordination, processes of analysis and synthesis — in mathematical function expression: milliseconds and percentage of mistakes. A child’s intrauterine and postnatal development is determined by various factors. Cognitive processes, which are ascending accordingly to a child’s age, play significant role in social development. The standard charts of children psychoneurological development, worked out by the authors, must become key factors both for pediatricians of different subspecialities and for parents and psychologists, in order not to miss the beginning of some pathology condition — from development delay to retardation. During the analysis of cognitive status of a child, speech development, behavior and emotions should be assessed. The deficiency of cognitive functions causes difficulties in education and contact with a child, which in some cases leads to formation of syndromal pathological conditions and disease entities (from mild development delays to different stages of oligophrenia). It is necessary to educate pediatricians of various subspecialities and pediatric neurologists the methods of children examination in order to determine the “cognitive profile” according to the age, health condition, presence of somatic and/or psychoneurological diseases and influence of the drug therapy both on a child’s organism and cognitive processes.


About the authors

A. A. Baranov

FSSI «Scientific Centre of Children Health» RAMS, Moscow

Author for correspondence.
Email: baranov@nczd.ru
доктор медицинских наук, профессор, академик РАН и РАМН, директор ФГБУ «Научный центр здоровья детей» РАМН Адрес: 119991, Москва, Ломоносовский пр., д. 2/62 Тел.: (499) 143-30-83, факс (499) 134-70-01 Russian Federation

O. I. Maslova

FSSI «Scientific Centre of Children Health» RAMS, Moscow

Email: maslova@nczd.ru
доктор медицинских наук, профессор ФГБУ «Научный центр здоровья детей» РАМН, зав. отделом психоэмоциональной разгрузки, когнитивной поддержки и коррекционно-восстановительной помощи НИИ профилактической педиатрии и восстановительного лечения ФГБУ «НЦЗД» РАМН Адрес: 119991, Москва, Ломоносовский пр., д. 2/62 Тел.: (499) 134-02-57 Russian Federation

L. S. Namazova-Baranova

FSSI «Scientific Centre of Children Health» RAMS, Moscow

Email: namazova@nczd.ru
доктор медицинских наук, профессор, член-корр. РАМН, директор НИИ профилактической педиатрии и восстановительного лечения ФГБУ «Научный центр здоровья детей» РАМН Адрес: 119991, Москва, Ломоносовский пр., д. 2/62 Тел.: (495) 967-14-14, факс (499) 783-27-93 Russian Federation


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