Estimation of the Functional Condition of a Fetus of Pregnancy in Chronic Pyelonephritis

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Aim of this study was to investigate the condition of the fetus and feto placental system in chronic pyelonephritis by identifying features in the feto- placental blood flow and middle cerebral artery system. Patients and methods.  We examined 68 pregnant women with chronic pyelonephritis and 50 healthy pregnant women as a control group . The study conducted a qualitative assessment of fetus and placental blood flow and blood flow in the middle cerebral artery of the fetus . The data on the condition of  feto- placental blood flow and blood flow in the middle cerebral artery in the examined pregnant and control group show a higher incidence of elevated systolic and diastolic performance ratio in the umbilical artery in patients with chronic pyelonephritis than somatically healthy women. Results. Studies have shown that the most accurate and informative indicator of violations feto- placental circulation is an increase in the umbilical artery  whose value ( 2.9 and above) reflects the high degree of suffering of the fetus on a background of chronic pyelonephritis. Conclusions. Diagnostically significant is the indicator of the middle cerebral artery blood flow, which reflects the mechanism of enhancement of cerebral circulation in chronic hypoxia due to violation of feto- placental circulation in patients with renal disease.

Key words: placentary insufficiency, nephritic pathology, pregnancy.

About the authors

Sh.G. Kadimova

Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku, Azerbaijan

Author for correspondence.

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